Open Faced Caprese Sandwhich

Open Face Caprese Sandwich
1 100 cal English muffin, sandwich thin, or 2 slices of lite bread
2 large slices of tomato
2 eggs boiled & sliced
2 Tbsp shredded fat-free mozzarella cheese or sting cheese shredded.
Fresh Basil leaves
1 tsp olive oil
Toast bread. Brush with olive oil. Divide cheese, 1 tomato slice, and 1 sliced boiled egg onto each slice. Salt and Pepper top with fresh Basil.
Serve with a side of fruit.

Daily Balance


M                         T                  W                   TH                   F                     SA                   SU













WORK/PURPOSE – This is what you do. Your work, or maybe retired but volunteer, caregiver etc.

FUN – Something that brings you enjoyment, hobby, friends, activity, reading a book,

EXERCISE – Move or stretch every day.

MENU PLAN – Know what you are going to eat every day. Plan this the night before, first thing in the morning, weekly. Plan everything even snacks. Cook big batches and freeze for later. If you’re dining out, look at the online menu.

TASK – Something that needs to be done, clean a drawer, mow the lawn, dust pictures, clean closet, something outside of the daily routine. Doing a little something every day. Doesn’t have to be big.

Blank in case you have another job or passion!

The idea is to have each day consist of each of these areas. The amount of time isn’t important. Being aware of what you do and exercising control of your choices is what this is for. Awareness. Balance.

I put a tick mark for each category I hit every day. Try it for a week and see what you think.

Its Better to “Waste” than to “Waist”

Better to “Waste”

than to  “Waist.”


Yes it is better to WASTE than to WAIST!

Did you grow you up with the mindset that you had to clean up your plate? That if you cleaned up your plate you would somehow single handily save the starving children in China.

When growing up did you have to clean your plate before leaving the table?

Where you forced to eat everything even if you hated it?

Do you eat that last bite of Mac n Cheese out of the pan instead of throwing it out?

What about that last bite of PBJ off the kid’s plate?

How about the last handful of crackers, chips, last couple cookies?

Do you eat them or toss it?


My weakness is eating everyone’s pizza crust!