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Haute Mama Recipes were designed for people who, are cooking for one, do not like to cook, do not know how to cook, lazy, busy, or have limited resources (most recipes are made in the microwave).

These recipes can mix and match for weight loss and weight management. Haute Mama has an easy-to-use and easy-to-follow plan.

I am not a dietician nor am I trained in any area to give out health information. I do have decades of dieting experience. Everything from a severe eating disorder, fad dieting, yoyo dieting to healthy, balanced eating. I have developed well-managed, doable, nutritional, weight loss or maintenance recipes. This has been developed from years of hands-on successes and failures. The base of this program tends to lean towards the WW, and I track bites plan with a few Haute Mama tweaks. It requires no real tracking unless you want to. I do recommend tracking as it is a valuable tool.

Haute Mama has guidance and additional recipes and plans. Please feel free to contact Shaunna Ferrenburg for more information or questions.